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The best beach resorts in Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination. The best resorts in Indonesia are Jimbaran, Kuta, Pemuteran, Sumatra, Uluwatu.

Sunny exotic Bali island does not need advertising. One of the best and most popular resorts on this island is Jimbaran. The pride of this city is numerous restaurants with seafood and fresh fish, clean beaches, and picturesque sunsets.

Jimbaran is not very crowded. Lovers of outdoor activities, windsurfing, and snorkeling often come here, but adherents of a quiet and relaxing holiday will also be satisfied. Recreation in the bosom of nature and away from the hustle and bustle is combined in Jimbaran with a high level of service and a developed tourist infrastructure.

четверг, 15 сентября 2022 г.

Coloring sheets, books and pages for kids and adults

Any child, boy or girl loves to draw and color pictures. Coloring pictures is of great importance for the development of the child. Coloring pages online for children help the child learn more about the world around them, introduce the child to all the variety of colors and shades, consolidate knowledge about the shape of objects and teach them to count.

Website: https://coloring-sheets.com/

The process of coloring pictures develops fine motor skills and teaches the child perseverance and accuracy. Also, online coloring for girls and boys form an aesthetic taste and instill a love of art. In addition to children’s coloring pages, we have online coloring pages for adults on our site, where you can fully express your imagination and draw your own picture using simple and convenient online drawing tools.

Our free online coloring pages for girls and boys will surely bring pleasure and joy to your little one. All pictures are specially selected for children of preschool and primary school age: these are fairy-tale characters, funny animals and favorite toys. Coloring pictures will help you and your child have a fun and useful time!

Yoloco Influncer marketing platform

We’re excited to introduce Yoloco influencer marketing platform, which is a new powerful way to find influencers on the main social media platforms who are just right for your advertising campaign.

You get instant access to a super rich database of influencers in 100+ cities.

You can perform complex searches based on various criteria, both quantitative (number of true followers.) And qualitative (engagement metrics, engagement profile, etc.)

Enter keyword you are interested in and find thousands of influencers, bloggers, instagrammers, youtubers for your target keywords in any niche in seconds. You can filter by country, gender, and topic of influence.

Engage customers with instagram analytics app

  • We list all Instagram influencers around the world
  • Instagram analytics free for marketers
  • Useful tool to check followers
    1,000,000+ Instagram influencers - filter easily to find the ones which fit your audience. Get insight into your audience and influencers. Fake or real followers, demographics, contact information, and engagement.
    Be the first to know when influencers’ posts are published and if they comply with the rules of your ad campaign. Receive alerts, export content, and more.

We work with hundreds of influencers around the world. Yoloco allows instagram analytics tools for such a large scale that often our clients have trouble keeping track of all of their newly published content from different sources. We addressed this by setting up a monitoring system to stay up to date with publications and recommendations, so they didn’ need to. We are not the best at everything, but we certainly are the best at what we do. Request reports or use our audience overlapping tool . What You are still waiting for? Selecting just 2 influencers a week means that after 1 year, 104 affiliates will generate you a minimum of 1,040 customers per month, based on average conversion rates.

Read more here: yoloco.io/instagram/influencer-analytics

YoScore is a rating of the quality of accounts presented on the platform. The value is calculated based on the results of the analysis of the following data - the quality of the influencer audience, audience engagement in content (ER), the increase and outflow of the number of subscribers, the frequency of posting, the average number of likes and comments. This methodology allows you to evaluate the account as efficiently as possible on a 100-point scale.

Not all influencers are actually good for your brand. Make sure you connect with the right bloggers that you really need. You will have full access to the latest and historical social media posts so you can make the right decisions.

Sign up and get free demo access to a number of select influencers to advertise! Get ready to unleash the full power of influencer marketing by building your own influencer community!

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AVA: the first token with an ecosystem that is definitely worth buying


Many platforms issue native tokens, but only at Travala.com it seems to have worked.

If you want to profitably invest in crypto assets, take a look at AVA. The AVA token developed as part of the Travala.com project - a startup that has gained significant popularity in four years. And, what sets it apart from 99% of all crypto projects is that AVA is actually useful in everyday life.

Travala.com is a platform that allows you to book tickets and accommodation, paying for them with cryptocurrency. In addition to dozens of popular coins, such as BTC or ether, you can also pay with AVA. 

среда, 7 сентября 2022 г.

G.ART Gallery - Promoting the work of talented Eastern European artists

The early 2020s are not a peaceful time. The inhabitants of planet Earth are being tested by diseases and wars. But in a world that has gone a little mad, where a lot of business and dreams have had to be put on hold, a virtual art market has blossomed. It has blossomed despite all the obstacles: artists create new works of art every day and buyers of contemporary art want to add to their collections, decorate their interiors and enjoy the beauty - no matter what!

Yes, over the past two years many new marketplaces have appeared on the Internet where one can buy contemporary paintings, drawings and photographs. But a question has arisen - where can I find a wide range of contemporary art, where can I find the best works by talented artists and where is the transaction guaranteed to be safe?

вторник, 6 сентября 2022 г.

Powerful growth of BOND: not an accident, but a regularity!


Even obscure DeFi projects can be extremely profitable - if they are smartly.


As you know, the relatively new and niche token BarnBridge (BOND) blew up all forecasts in July-August, soaring in price by 800% in a matter of days. To give you an idea of how much this is, the top and most hyped BTC and ETH recovered by 18% and 54% over the same period. Now BOND has predictably rolled back to $6.7 per token, but this pullback looks like a short-term stabilization before storming a new height.

As a reminder, BarnBridge is a cross-chain risk management protocol that offers a set of composite DeFi products for investors. The service of insurance against fluctuations in interest rates and price volatility is now in great demand - therefore, the explosive growth of interest in BOND is closely related to the crisis. 2022 is associated with such phenomena in abundance, and 2023 is unlikely to be more calm.

пятница, 17 июня 2022 г.

The best captcha solving services - saving you time!

Active Internet users know how annoying Captcha can sometimes be. This computer test is designed to determine whether a site visitor is a real person or a robot.


When you just scroll the feed, it will not be difficult to enter one “captcha” that appears. But if your work involves constant visits to sites, you may come across several dozen “robot tests” per day.

To save your time, use special services for solving captcha. They can be both automated and provide the services of real people - service workers who will solve a quick test for you. We have compiled a list of the best services that will make life and work easier using the Internet.

Best Services:

  1. 2Captcha. Service for manual recognition of various types of tests (graphic, text, reCAPTCHA), useful not only for those who need to pass the test, but also for those who want to earn some extra money. The site https://2captcha.com/ provides a convenient system for both webmasters and service employees. It has a high level of efficiency, as well as good indicators of the speed of solving captchas.

  2. EndCaptcha. Another high-quality, but more expensive service. Quickly solves text or image captchas, supporting a wide range of programming languages (Python, JavaScript, C/C++, C# and so on).

  3. CaptchaSniper is good because it offers the purchase of a lifetime license - you won’t need to renew your subscription or buy additional service packages. Uses OCR optical recognition method.

  4. Best Captcha Solver. The service has extensive experience and solves all captchas with good response rates. Uses a human solution method and offers a fairly democratic cost of services. API in languages such as C #, Java, Python2 +, Python3 +, PHP, JavaScript and others.

  5. AZcaptcha. Fast and inexpensive service using the OCR method. Allows you to integrate client software with the service. Solves a large number of types of captchas.

Based on this small rating, you can choose the best service for yourself. In summary, it is worth noting that 2Captcha deserves to be a leader, as it offers a high response speed, solving various tests, as well as the opportunity for users to earn money by entering captchas. If you are interested, then register at the link https://2captcha.com/auth/register and study the service in more detail.