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 Airdrop for investments in cryptocurrency opens up opportunities to receive new tokens or coins for free. You can also find out more detailed information about the emerging project. The purpose of the free distribution is to increase awareness, advertising, the opportunity to try a new project by recruiting interested users.


First you need to look for projects with Airdrop, checking them on the scam. This must be done for security purposes so as not to attract the attention of scammers. Next, you need to perform a few simple steps: subscribe to Twitter and the telegram channel.

It is worth noting that DEXListings offers an alternative way to get free tokens and NFT free that does not involve being active on social networks. Token free can be received automatically by registering on the site.

The working technology is as follows:

  • DEXListings independently finds projects to expand its communities, checks for scam and conducts communications with the conclusion of partnership agreements;

  • Next, the process of obtaining tokens takes place, which are distributed among the community members. All this is done free of charge, no additional steps are required;

  • Beneficial cooperation. Selling tokens is a profitable business. There is a possibility of additional purchase of tokens.

Thus, you can accumulate start-up capital and open a cryptocurrency business.

In addition, it must be taken into account that after some time, tokens may follow the path of bitcoin. And the best part is that the user gets them for free, saving their own budget.

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